Mobile Functionality Improves Ag Retail Sales Performance

The Smartwyre Selling mobile enhancements give salespeople and crop advisors instant access to accurate quoting and pricing tools in the field to protect margins and reduce competitive selling pressure.  Automation of processes reduces administrative tasks for sales and support staff, allowing them to spend more time with customers. 

With instant, secure access to the most accurate rebate incentive and net cost data, ag retail sales teams now can confidently and instantly quote and book orders wherever they are. 

  • Receive real-time pricing and product information available to share with customers  
  • Net pricing is inclusive of all potential incentives:  national, regional, local, and special programs 
  • Submitted quotes are integrated with ordering systems to ensure accurate and timely invoicing 
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Preserving Profit by Connecting Price Lists with Costs

Within today’s supply chain, which is constantly plagued with pricing fluctuations as product scarcity and disruptions that are the norm, it has become nearly impossible for ag retailers to set accurate grower prices and manage margins using cumbersome manual tracking methods. 

Best-in-class pricing throughput at U.S. ag distributors and retailers should be less than four hours to eliminate margin erosion. However, today, the current U.S. industry average is more than three days. 

“A lag in price adjustment can impact pricing margin by 1 percent,” Price Point Partners President Ralph Zuponcic said. “For the average U.S. company this equates to a drop in earnings by 10 percent. Maintaining price levels amidst rapidly rising costs is essential to supporting healthy profit margins, and thus leveraging tools to monitor and adjust prices is critical to maintaining margins.” 

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Smartwyre Selling

The Smartwyre Selling solution securely connects trading partners across the supply chain with accurate product, pricing, cost and incentive information.  The expanded mobile functionality gives crop advisors and sales teams the ability to digitally submit customer orders knowing their quotes align with head office and upstream distribution and manufacturing.  Smartwyre Selling lets retail ag organizations:


Easy and instant publishing of custom price lists, securely segmented by sales rep. This means the right pricing is available for each customer.


Digitally connect procurement costs and grower pricing, allowing real-time updates of cost changes. This gives sales management an accurate view of margins.


Automatically calculate net pricing with all applicable rebates – including national, regional, local, and special programs.

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Providing Ag retail sales teams digital tools with real-time, complete data will be fundamentally important to compete in the quickly evolving ag industry. Download the Technology that Changes the Game for Improved Profitability industry brief to learn how your organization can take advantage of digital solutions to help your sales team compete.

Smartwyre is the industry’s only software solution that reduces margin erosion by securely connecting trading partners across the supply chain with accurate product, pricing, cost and incentive information…”

John Brubaker, CEO and Founder, Smartwyre

“Digitalization of processes access to real-time data also reduces admin tasks for sales and support staff, which gives them more time to focus on business development and problem-solving”

Adrian Kelly, Chief Product Officer, Smartwyre